Moments. Life is a made up of a series of moments. There are the big moments, like the first kiss after saying “I do”, but there are also the quiet moments; a smile, a touch, that unguarded second in time when you don’t think anyone is watching. I want to help you capture them all.

As a wedding photographer, I understand the importance of knowing that there is someone you can trust to capture not only the event, but the feeling of the event. It’s in the details, it’s in the interactions, and it’s in ensuring that my couples feel like I am portraying them honestly and organically. Some of this comes with experience, but a lot comes from the time and care I take to get to know the people I work with. For me, it’s not just about photographing the day, it’s about telling their story.

Through the process, I work very closely with my clients to ensure that they have an opportunity to express how they envision the day and the results. My approach is simple, honest and I pride myself in ensuring that the day runs smoothly and my clients walk away not only happy, but with captured memories they can enjoy for years to come.