Helping people of Fort McMurray

This past week I have been watching the news in Fort McMurray.

Hearing the stories of survival, watching amazing videos of fire and seeing the images of destroyed structures makes me think about the people of the city that had to abandon what they have and evacuate. I feel for them as there is a lot of uncertainty that they are faced with in the days and weeks to come.

I am also amazed by the work done by the fire fighters and bravery of police and authorities involved.

My heart goes out to everyone effected by this and I want to help!

I would like to offer products at special prices and donate ALL profits to Red Cross!


Choice #1

Landscape Images from Alberta printed on two mediums:

– Photo matte paper that you would mount inside your own frame. Size 11×14 would be $50 and size 16×20 would be $65.

– Canvas that is stretched and ready to hang. Size 11×14 would be $100 and size 16×20 would be $130.


Here are images you can choose from.

Moraine Lake.


Canoes at Jasper.


Alberta Landscape


Choice #2

Any of my past couples could order one of their Wedding or Engagement images at reduced prices:

– 11×14 matte paper for $60 and canvas for $110.

– 16×24 matte paper for $90 and canvas for $140


So… Here is how to proceed:

Contact me by May 30 with details on what you would like to order. You can also call at 519-721-5468 or email at

– We will arrange the payment method by cash, cheque and e-transfer.

– Delivery of items will done by mid June depending on volume.


Thank You so much and I hope to hear from many of you!


  1. Terrin Brush

    Alex you are amazing!!! This is such a a great thing for you to do. Thank you.