Muskoka Wedding Photography | Alyssa + Derek

Anyone that has spent any time with my knows how much I enjoy nature! Perhaps that is why I’ve been told on many occasions that I place people well in the nature setting.

Having Muskoka as one of my favourite places in no accident either :-/

This shoot has been on my mind for few years now. I always dreamt of documenting an elopement wedding in a middle of a forest or perhaps on rocks or an island in middle of nowhere in Muskoka! So this is a dream come true.

I must say Thank you to Brad and Kristine to let me use their property up north!

Huge Thank you to Alyssa and Derek for putting up with my artistic ideas, riding in canoe in wedding dress and suit, hiking through forest and enduring this one day trip with me!

Here is to stroking of one of the items from my Top 5 Bucket List photoshoots 🙂