In Memory of Leslie

It’s been a very difficult week…

To be at someone’s wedding and witness the couple promise of being with each other for the rest of their lives is usually accompanied with images of them playing with their grandkids and all of the thoughts of “getting old together”. Life sometimes has different plans for us…

I met Leslie about 5 years ago at a wedding. Quiet at first but after a few minutes, more then happy to chat.

She contacted me a about a year later to have me photographer her own wedding.

She got married to Aj in a beautiful ceremony near her hometown of Rockton. It was a beautiful day and amazing Wedding! We had a lot of fun that day.

The next call I was expecting would have been to take pictures of get growing family… but that wouldn’t be the case… The call I got instead was that Leslie was diagnosed with a terminal cancer.

Perhaps denial on my part or hope for better turn of events, my thoughts were with Aj and their families.

Last week I received the call that she lost her battle… Feeling heartbroken of the news, the memories I have of her came over.

Leslie’s wish was to be remembered for first 35 years of her life, not the last year…

So here is how I will remember her… she had a sweet nature… she had a cute giggle that made everyone smile… she was witty and quick on her feet :-)… fun to spend time with and chat about anything… she had a huge heart and desire to help… she was a beautiful woman and an amazing person!

Loss of a loved one, a friend or an acquaintance is never easy… She touched my heart as she was able to do that with so many people.

My condolences go out to her family who had to say good bye to sister and daughter way too early.

My thoughts are with Aj who had to endure seeing his wife battle and to eventually loose her. I admire your strength.

I know she is in a better place but that does not make it any easier!

In memory of Leslie Miller